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Behind the Scenes: Countertop Material Selection

Material Selection InfoGraphic 1 Behind the Scenes: Countertop Material Selection

Quartz versus quartzite? Granite versus soapstone?  Marble versus sintered compact surface?

With the wide array of countertop materials available, making a countertop material selection can be a bit overwhelming.  In order to select a material that fits your style and suits your primary focus, you need to take several factors into account, such as regular maintenance, appearance, and where the countertop will be installed.

To make things a bit easier, we’ve created an infographic that asks all the right questions to help you find the perfect match in both style and performance.

Material InfoGraphic 3 Behind the Scenes: Countertop Material Selection

Industry Trends: Farmhouse Sinks

Farmhouse Sinks Industry Trends: Farmhouse SinksFarmhouse sinks, also known as apron-front sinks, have become an increasingly popular kitchen trend.  These functional showpieces can add an incredible flair to you kitchen and with the number of beautiful styles on the market, you can be sure that there is an option that will perfectly fit your kitchen’s style. In terms of looks and functionality, farmhouse sinks are fantastic, but there are definitely a few logistical issues you need to take into consideration before committing to installing one along with your new countertops.

Are you installing the farmhouse sink into existing cabinets?  If so, cabinet modification will be required.  This generally involves a carpenter or cabinet specialist to cut into your existing cabinets to make room for the sink that will protrude past the cabinet face. In same cases, new cabinet doors may also be required.

Farmhouse Sink Options Industry Trends: Farmhouse Sinks

Are you concerned about limiting the time you are without a kitchen during the remodel process?  Generally, we can measure for your new countertops with your existing countertops in-place, which means that you will only be without kitchen countertops (i.e. a functional kitchen) for a few days, tops. With a farmhouse sink, the demolition, installation of plywood sub-tops, and installation of the sink itself need to be completed before the template appointment so that the exact sink placement is taken into consideration.

For many, the benefits of having a beautiful and functional kitchen sink outweigh the logistics that need to be taken into consideration, but being educated on the installation process will definitely help to eliminate road-blocks during your kitchen remodel.

Additional Notes:  Excited about getting your very own farmhouse sink?  Check out Houzz’s tips on farmhouse sink faucet choices or shop farmhouse sinks (with vendors such as Kohler, Kraus, Vigo, Rohl,  and DXV).