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Industry Trends: Marble Countertops

Industry Trends Marble 3 Industry Trends:  Marble Countertops Although marble has been used in architecture and design for thousands of years, this classic material has made an incredible comeback.  From kitchens to bathrooms, living rooms to bedrooms—the potential uses for marble are endless.

In addition to choosing your favorite color and pattern, there are key factors to consider when contemplating the use of marble in your home:

  • Do you expect a perfect, pristine surface? If you are expecting marble countertops to look brand new years after installation, you may need to adjust your expectations.  Although marble is suitable for countertops, it is susceptible to etching and staining.  Acids (such as lemon juice) react with the stone’s minerals and eat away at the surface, creating dull spots. Etching and stains can be disguised by choosing a honed finish, but they will still be visible.
what an etch really looks like faith durand 300x198 Industry Trends:  Marble Countertops

Image Credit: Faith Durand

  • Are you willing to commit to maintenance? If you want a worry-free, maintenance free countertop, marble is not the choice for you.  Regular cleaning and sealing is necessary to preserve the finish of the stone and to prevent severe etching and staining.  If you are not on board for regular maintenance, you need to be prepared that the countertops will have a “lived-in” appearance.  
  • Do the positives outweigh the challenges? Despite the required maintenance and inevitable surface inconsistencies, there are still incredible benefits to marble countertops.  The first draw, which is most likely the main reason most consider marble, is the look.  With dozens of colors and patterns readily available, marble can be quite a show-piece. Another notable draw is the functionality.  Given that it is naturally cool and does not conduct heat well, marble is every baker’s dream (which has been proven by European bakers for hundreds of years).

At the end of the day, you have to weigh the positives and negatives to see what will be right for you and your home.  By considering some of our suggested guidelines, you should be able to make an educated and realistic decision about bringing marble into your home.  

Additional Notes: If the negatives of marble countertops outweigh the positives, there are plenty of other countertop options that have the look of marble, such as quartz and compact surfaces (such as Neolith & Dekton). If you can’t live without marble (but don’t want it on your countertop), you can also incorporate marble tile as an accent or backsplash to your kitchen or bathroom.

If you’d like to see a real life, first-hand account of living with marble countertops, take a look at the below articles by Faith Durand (for Kitchn): “My Experience of Living With Marble Countertops:  One Year Later” & “Here’s What an Etch on a Marble Countertop Actually Looks Like”

By Ashley Gregory, Sales/ Project Manger for Marjan Stone